Join the club!  At Dragon’s Head Cider, we offer our club members the choice of receiving 3 bottles, 6 bottles, or 12 bottles with each shipment.

HOW OFTEN WILL I RECEIVE CIDER?  Club members receive shipments four times a year – January, April, July, and October. You can also choose to pick up your club cider at our tasting room.

WHICH BOTTLES WILL I RECEIVE?  Along with the cider and perry that you can read about on our store page, club selections always include new releases and bottles from our smaller batches of ciders.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Club memberships is free to join. With each shipment, you will be charged the price of the ciders minus your club discount. You can get an idea of the pricing on ciders by visiting our Store page. The only additional fees are taxes and UPS shipping charges. We don’t charge for the packaging materials.

WHAT DISCOUNT IS PROVIDED TO CLUB MEMBERS?  3 Bottle Club Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases, 6 Bottle Club Members receive at 15% discount on all purchases, and 12 Bottle Club Members receive a 20% discount on all purchases. The discounts apply on club purchases, other purchases from our online store, and purchases from our tasting room on Vashon Island.