Welcome to Dragon’s Head Cider!

Our orchard is home to more than 70 different varieties of traditional cider apple and perry pear trees.

Approximately 75% of the fruit that we pressed for cider and perry last year came from our orchard.

We do all of the cider making right here on the farm, including pressing the apples, fermenting the juice, blending the ciders, and bottling.


All tasting flights include a complimentary Dragon’s Head Cider glass that you can keep.

Flight 1:$12

Light, bright, and crisp
Sparkling Pippin, Perry, Pippin, Rosé, Columbia Crabapple

Flight 2:$12

Rich depth of flavor, complexity, and tannic structure
Wild Fermented, Stoke Red, Bittersweet, Kingston Black, Dabinett Reserve

Flight 3:$12

A good way to try a variety of styles
Sparkling Perry, Rosé, Russet, Cidre Mystére, Bittersweet

Flight 4:$12

Choose your own adventure
Choosing any five items from the list of currently available selections

Add Pommeau to any of the above tastings $2

Our Pommeau is created by combining apple brandy with a young cider, and then aging the product in French oak barrels for 2+ years. It can be the perfect apéritif or served as a dessert wine.



Sparkling Perry $16$30

Perry $10.5$19

Sparkling Pippin Cider $15$28

Pippin Cider $9.5$17

Wild Fermented Cider $9.5$17

Rosé Cider $10.5$19

Russet Cider $10$18

Cidre Mystere $10$18

Stoke Red Cider $10$18

Bittersweet Cider $10$18

Kingston Black Cider $11$20

Dabinett Reserve Cider $13$24

Columbia Crabapple Cider $9.5$17

Pommeau (glass pour is 5 oz.) $13$25



Sparkling PerryThe Méthode Traditionnelle process takes time and patience. Tiny bubbles, bright and dry, subtle pear flavors and a citrus finish. Dry. ABV 6.3%

Perry – Seedling pears unique to Vashon Island, English perry pears, and Taylor’s Gold pears. Subtle sweetness, delicate pear flavor, soft tannins. Dry. ABV 6.3%


Sparkling Pippin Cider – Newtown Pippin apples, made using the Méthode Traditionnelle process. Persistent bubbles and singing acidity. Dry. ABV 6.9%

Pippin Cider – Single varietal cider made with Newtown Pippin apples. Crisp and bright, with notes of citrus and green apple. Dry. ABV 6.9%

Wild Fermented Cider – Wild yeast ferments this cider of Jonagold, Major, and Macintosh apples. Slightly sour, hints of grapefruit, orange rind, and green tea. Dry. ABV 6.9%

Rosé Cider – A blend of red-fleshed apple varieties, including Redfield from our orchard. Bright and crisp, with hints of watermelon and berries. Semi-dry. ABV 6.9%

Russet Cider – A blend of 5 different russeted apple varieties. An aromatic medium bodied cider with confectionary notes, zesty pomelo flavors, and a lovely lingering finish. Semi-dry. ABV 8.4%

Cidre Mystére – An aromatic blend of unidentified French apples from our orchard. Aromatic with hints of apple skin and a soft tannic finish. Semi-dry. ABV 6.9%

Stoke Red Cider – An English bittersharp apple that makes a meduim-bodied cider with hints of stone fruit and anise. Semi-dry. ABV 6.7%

Bittersweet Cider – 20+ traditional English and French true cider apple varieties. Fuller bodied, nice tannin, baked apples and butterscotch. Semi-dry. ABV 7.4%

Kingston Black Cider – Single varietal of an English bittersharp cider apple. A rich cider that’s full of dried apple and butterscotch flavors. Dry. ABV 7.4%

Dabinett Reserve Cider – A full-bodied wild fermented cider of Dabinett apples. Rich and warming, with notes of stone fruit, dried apple, a hint of brandy, and barrel. Semi-dry. ABV 8.0%

Columbia Crabapple Cider – Single varietal cider. Confectionary and floral aromas, balanced sweet/tart flavor. Semi-dry. ABV 7.4%


Pommeau – Produced by combining young cider and apple brandy. Aged in French oak for 24+ months. Wonderful as a dessert wine. Sweet. ABV 18.0%